My New Dental Implants

I’ve been catching up on some dental treatment recently. Today I got the first part of an implant procedure and now have two large titanium posts embedded in my lower jaw. Once these get sufficiently attached to my jaw bone, essentially grafted in, they will get two crowns built up on top of them. This… Read More »

Simple SparkLine Generator in Clojure

The following is a little SparkLine generator written in the Clojure language. There’s an example in the code that covers the usage. Please post a comment if you find it useful, or have suggestions. I have since updated this program. It should be pixel-perfect, and much more resistant to bad data. Thanks Rich, for the… Read More »

Helpful Guide to Setting Up an SVN Repository

Regular Backups! If you value your peace of mind, you will have already bought a few external hard drives, and backed up your computer on a regular(ish) basis. If you haven’t, and you own a mac, go to Shirt Pocket Software and download Super Duper, I can wait. Setting Up an SVN Repository Ok, now… Read More »

Google Charts from Clojure

I wrote up a very simple example of calling Google Charts api from Clojure. Note: Rich Hickey actually emailed with some suggestions, and these have been added. I added a comment on the one I found most interesting, which is a function literal. Thanks Rich! (in-ns ‘google-chart) (clojure/refer ‘clojure) (def *amp* “&”) ; —- connect… Read More »

Weight Update

Sweet! As of this morning (Saturday), I have dropped my weight to 179.5 pounds. My weight when I did my FAA licenses was actually 165, so a drop of another 5 pounds or so would be about right.

Weight Control Update

Well, my crazy plan to try and slim down a bit is working Friday 25th saw 182.5 pounds on the scale, which is reasonably impressive drop in the two weeks that I have been watching my calories. Actually, I haven’t been watching very hard at all, just trying not to blatently overeat, and trying to… Read More »

Weight Control – For Engineers

I’ve decided, at the ripe old weight of 190 pounds, to try and lose a few, 15 or so, pounds. So my target weight is 175 pounds for now. As of this morning I’m at 186 pounds. My method is basically to try and consume less calories than my body requires, so I’m going to… Read More »

10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

This article on PC World lists the 10 Worst PC Keyboards of all time. I’ll try not to spoil it but, the ZX-81 and Mattel Aquarius are represented. For those of us with long memories, where is the Sord M5?