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Welcome to My New Home

Welcome to my new home at I’ll be keeping my old blog up at blogger for a while, but eventually everything should migrate over here. The main site will run in WordPress, but old content here will still be available from the links section (to be added).

3d Real Time FFT Analysis Software

I have a decent pre-Alpha version of my audio analysis software running. It displays a real-time FFT plot from any supported audio input source. Pre-Alpha in this case means non-feature complete, but fairly solid, crash and leak free. The pic shows data being displayed on a labelled plot with the settings window up and displaying… Read More »

Re-enacting The Dodge “I Smell a Hemi Ad”

Remember the ad … guy goes “I smell a Hemi!” then jumps out of his car to look under the dustsheet covering a dodge on a transporter … Yeah, you guessed it, I managed to reenact the part of the ad where the dustsheet catches on the windshield of the moving car and the guy… Read More »

Paris Vacation Pictures – Reprocessed

I reprocessed my Paris vacation pictures to be a bit brighter. Fixed the ‘Made with a Mac’ logo also. Click on Paris Vacation Pictures to go directly to the new pictures. You might want to hit ‘refresh’ to clear out your cache if you already looked at the previous upload.


p a r i s v a c a t i o n 2 0 0 6 Travel day, and First Day in Paris Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower Cemetery Pere Lachaise and Musee d’Orsay Invalides and the Louvre La Madeleine and St Chapel Sacre Coeur and Montmartre Catacombs, St Sulpice and St Germain… Read More »

My Paris Vacation Pictures

The first three days of my Paris Vacation are posted on my web-site. Click on and follow the portfolio link on the lefthand side of the page, then click Paris Vacation. The remaining pages are in progress.

Back in Texas

Safely back in Houston after a lonnnnggggg, lonnnnngggg 10 hour+ flight from Paris. Had a great time apart from getting sick with a bad cold/cough for the last few days, but still managed to go out despite that. Even though I was generally trashed by the afternoon. Pictures will be up somewhere, soon. ;-)

RSS – What is it ?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Instead of relying on users to browse to the page and look for new content, RSS uses a feed of links, called an RSS Feed to identify when new content has been added to a web-site. This allows a new breed of slim-line web browser called a News Reader.… Read More »