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FemCal Update Awaiting Approval at Apple

Update 1.9.6 has been uploaded to Apple and is awaiting approval. Changes include: Fixed a crash bug whenever you scrolled to the bottom of the edit screen (though people generally only do this when entering medications), Fixed the missing decimal in the temperature entry pad. It’s been a while between updates. Hopefully this one will… Read More »

Estimating Your Future Cycle Dates in FemCal

Once you have entered at least one complete cycle in FemCal, FemCal will use the dates to estimate when your future cycles will occur. As you enter and chart more information, such as basal body temperature, peak cervical mucous, ovulation tests, FemCal will estimate when these will occur in future cycles. Tap a future estimated… Read More »

Nixie Clock Radio Now on the App Store

My new app, just a simple alarm clock and streaming radio is now up on the app store. 3-in-1 functionality, with streaming radio, alarm-clock and sleep functionality. 100’s of built-in radio stations and background streaming. This is my go to radio, and alarm clock. Works even on iOS 3.1.3 Click here to visit Nixie Clock… Read More »

FemCal – iPhone Cycle Tracking Application Launched

FemCal is an easy to use application for tracking and charting your monthly cycle. FemCal provides an easy to use entry page for entering waking temperature, period, cervical fluid, symptoms, medications and more. FemCal displays an easy to read chart of any stored cycle, which shows the entered information. FemCal is available on the App… Read More »

San Antonio

For our wedding anniversary this year, we visited San Antonio. Some pictures from the trip are online at Shutterfly. I also made a nice picture of The Alamo at night, which can be seen here. Buy a Print of The Alamo.

Weight Update

Sweet! As of this morning (Saturday), I have dropped my weight to 179.5 pounds. My weight when I did my FAA licenses was actually 165, so a drop of another 5 pounds or so would be about right.

Querying MS Visual Source Safe in Perl – List Check-Ins

The following code needs Visual Source Safe to be installed, and produces a list of all file versions for the project folder set up as ‘my $project’.  Remember to set the network folder where the ss.ini file lives. The program outputs a tab separated list of: filename->version->user->date->comment. Enjoy! My next post will take this file… Read More »

PiccoZ Mini-IR Helicopter from RadioShack

I had to drop by RadioShack tonight to charge my Razr, since the battery was so low, I couldn’t even get it to stay on long enough to have my Mac recognize and start charging it. While I was there I picked up a PiccoZ mini-IR Helicopter! I’ve always wanted to fly a mini-RC helicopter… Read More »

Adding Album Art to iTunes

I’ve been steadily adding art for all my albums to iTunes, and in the case of many of the oddball CDs that I own, the iTunes Store is completely stumped, or brings up bizarre garbage like ‘HP Invent’ gifs. If anyone else owns the Grampian Television champion Banchory Strathspey and Reel Society’s Ceol na Fidhle… Read More »