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Clojure is a compiled Lisp that runs on the JVM, but that compiles dynamically, so it feels like a REPL.

FemCal – iPhone Cycle Tracking Application Launched

FemCal is an easy to use application for tracking and charting your monthly cycle. FemCal provides an easy to use entry page for entering waking temperature, period, cervical fluid, symptoms, medications and more. FemCal displays an easy to read chart of any stored cycle, which shows the entered information. FemCal is available on the App… Read More »

Simple SparkLine Generator in Clojure

The following is a little SparkLine generator written in the Clojure language. There’s an example in the code that covers the usage. Please post a comment if you find it useful, or have suggestions. I have since updated this program. It should be pixel-perfect, and much more resistant to bad data. Thanks Rich, for the… Read More »

Google Charts from Clojure

I wrote up a very simple example of calling Google Charts api from Clojure. Note: Rich Hickey actually emailed with some suggestions, and these have been added. I added a comment on the one I found most interesting, which is a function literal. Thanks Rich! (in-ns ‘google-chart) (clojure/refer ‘clojure) (def *amp* “&”) ; —- connect… Read More »