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Rome Vacation

I finally got round to posting up some of my photography from our vacation in Rome in 2007. We had a fantastic time in Rome, and saw lots of wonderful sights. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures! Included in Day 1 is pictures of our rented apartment, and the Colliseum. Meredith at the… Read More »

San Antonio

For our wedding anniversary this year, we visited San Antonio. Some pictures from the trip are online at Shutterfly. I also made a nice picture of The Alamo at night, which can be seen here. Buy a Print of The Alamo.

Butterfly Scans on Shutterfly

I ran across some old scans of some butterfly pictures I’d done as a test of my Nikon F3, PK-13 macro attachment and Nikon SB-13 flash unit. Here is my very favorite image from this batch. I’ve posted the full resolution scans up on Shutterfly who can fulfil print orders up to 20×30″ at very… Read More »

Hummingbirds Back in Houston

Well, somewhat earlier than we expected, Meredith saw her first hummingbird. We had a great time watching these little guys last year, especially when they would chase each other around the feeder, and in and out of the trees over the garden. The photograph was taken with my Canon S30 point and shoot, which is… Read More »

Yard Work

Had another day of yard work today. The last few weeks in Houston have been quite wet, and it’s hard to get an opportunity to do anything to the garden. Anyway, today we managed to get some weeding in the beds, and get the lawns all mowed and nice. Somewhat against the advice of Meredith’s… Read More »

Javascript-Powered Slide Display

Click my Paris Vacation Pictures to see my new javascript-powered slides. I will blog this as an article pretty soon, but for now, just click the link to enjoy a random set of slides each time you load the page. Also, the backgrounds used for the slides are selected by the javascript code and poked… Read More »