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San Antonio

For our wedding anniversary this year, we visited San Antonio. Some pictures from the trip are online at Shutterfly. I also made a nice picture of The Alamo at night, which can be seen here. Buy a Print of The Alamo.

My New Dental Implants

I’ve been catching up on some dental treatment recently. Today I got the first part of an implant procedure and now have two large titanium posts embedded in my lower jaw. Once these get sufficiently attached to my jaw bone, essentially grafted in, they will get two crowns built up on top of them. This… Read More »

Weight Control Update

Well, my crazy plan to try and slim down a bit is working Friday 25th saw 182.5 pounds on the scale, which is reasonably impressive drop in the two weeks that I have been watching my calories. Actually, I haven’t been watching very hard at all, just trying not to blatently overeat, and trying to… Read More »

Weight Control – For Engineers

I’ve decided, at the ripe old weight of 190 pounds, to try and lose a few, 15 or so, pounds. So my target weight is 175 pounds for now. As of this morning I’m at 186 pounds. My method is basically to try and consume less calories than my body requires, so I’m going to… Read More »

Go Ubuntu!!

Well I am posting this from Firefox on Ubuntu, and just great does it look! Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is pretty much rock solid so far, and out of the box works great. I have my nvidia graphics, sound, SATA, file sharing, WINE all working great, and am slowly working through getting a bunch of… Read More »

Time Enough to Crash – Backup

There’s been a good lull of about 3 months or so since Nathan at the Woodlands of Houston Apple Store replaced the hard drive in my Power Book G4, and I’ve started getting nervous about it having an ‘accident’ again. It was only a bad sector, in a single song, but it was enough to… Read More »

iTunes Mac Happiness and PC Woes

All three iTunes machines in our house have now been updated to the new iTunes 7 with somewhat mixed results. Summary 1. No installation problems 2. Slow performance until gapless playback scanning is complete 3. Coverflow makes iTunes much more album oriented 4. You can assign almost anything as artwork 5. iTunes 7 Mac still… Read More »

Bizarre Text Message

Some girl called me on my cell a few minutes ago and really didn’t want to believe that I am Jonathan, and not some guy called Nick. Anyway, I just got this message: “Nick look I know it’s you. I just want you to know that I’m extremely sorry for drunk dialling you. Thats all.… Read More »

Musing on Working Hours

Flew back to Houston after a long hard week in Detroit working at one of our clients. I’m working an interesting schedule right now, consisting of about 11 hours a day at the client office, starting on a Monday, then working 2 – 4 hours in the hotel at nights on email and other duties.… Read More »