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Google Charts from Clojure

I wrote up a very simple example of calling Google Charts api from Clojure. Note: Rich Hickey actually emailed with some suggestions, and these have been added. I added a comment on the one I found most interesting, which is a function literal. Thanks Rich! (in-ns ‘google-chart) (clojure/refer ‘clojure) (def *amp* “&”) ; —- connect… Read More »

10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

This article on PC World lists the 10 Worst PC Keyboards of all time. I’ll try not to spoil it but, the ZX-81 and Mattel Aquarius are represented. For those of us with long memories, where is the Sord M5?

Response to a Slashdot Post about Assembly Language

There’s an interesting discussion going on Slashdot about programming languages. Check here for the post about assembly language programming that made me stop and think. My somewhat flip response was “If it generates x86 code, I refuse to look!!” More seriously, I started assembler programming at the tender age of about 14 with 6502 code… Read More »

Go Ubuntu!!

Well I am posting this from Firefox on Ubuntu, and just great does it look! Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is pretty much rock solid so far, and out of the box works great. I have my nvidia graphics, sound, SATA, file sharing, WINE all working great, and am slowly working through getting a bunch of… Read More »

Time Enough to Crash – Backup

There’s been a good lull of about 3 months or so since Nathan at the Woodlands of Houston Apple Store replaced the hard drive in my Power Book G4, and I’ve started getting nervous about it having an ‘accident’ again. It was only a bad sector, in a single song, but it was enough to… Read More »