FemCal 1.9.8 Now Available on the Apple App Store

By | December 19, 2015

We worked hard recently to bring FemCal up to date, and to fix some bugs introduced with newer iOS changes. Here are some of the features that are implemented in this new version 1.9.8:

  • Support for Apple Touch ID. If you set a password on an iPhone with a fingerprint reader, you’ll now be able to open FemCal by Touch ID.
  • Support for Apple iCloud Drive. If you enable iCloud on an iOS 8 or later device, then FemCal can share your data with your other devices. If you are still on an older iPhone 4, then it will work, but only between FemCal Lite and FemCal on the same iPhone.
  • Now enter up to 10 symptoms and medications per day. This has been requested many times, and is now available.
  • Various bugs fixed. FemCal should now work great with all iPhone screen sizes, and a crash when entering medications or symptoms has been fixed. A bug when downloading cycle chart or data has been fixed.

This is quite a big update, in preparation for even more interesting changes. We hope this will bring some users back to using FemCal, and help more people adopt FemCal as their charting software of choice.As always, let us know if you have problems, questions, suggestions etc.

Thanks for using FemCal!

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One thought on “FemCal 1.9.8 Now Available on the Apple App Store

  1. jonathan Post author

    Hi, we’re really trying to fix bugs and go after any problems that are cropping up for folks.
    Let us know if you have any issues.


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