Nixie Clock Radio Now on the App Store

By | December 6, 2011

My new app, just a simple alarm clock and streaming radio is now up on the app store.

3-in-1 functionality, with streaming radio, alarm-clock and sleep functionality. 100’s of built-in radio stations and background streaming.

Nixie Clock Radio

Nixie Clock Radio

This is my go to radio, and alarm clock. Works even on iOS 3.1.3

Click here to visit Nixie Clock Radio in the App Store.


One thought on “Nixie Clock Radio Now on the App Store

  1. jonathan Post author

    It feels really good to finally have this in the App store. This app has really grown on me, and it’s running on at least one of my devices, a good chunk of the day.

    Also, it runs on iOS 3.1.3, so download a copy for that old iPod touch or original iPhone 2g.


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