FemCal 1.9 Bug: Exporting Cycles and Backing-up via WiFi

By | October 17, 2011

Apologies to anyone having difficulties with downloading PDF cycles, or backing-up data over WiFi. This is due to a bug in FemCal with reporting the wireless address of the iOS device. This occurs under iOS 5.0, but does not otherwise affect the ability to download PDF charts or your information. Only the address to type into your computer browser is reported incorrectly.

There is a suggested work-around available:

  • Set your iPhone to Airplane Mode, then immediately turn on WiFi again. The string to type into your computer browser should then be reported correctly.
  • You may also read the wireless address from the iPhone settings page. Remember to add :8080 to the reported address to access the iPhone FemCal web-page.

The first bullet above is the recommended solution until we can push an update to iTunes.

Note: If you know how to find the wireless address of your iPhone directly, you may also do that. Remember to add port :8080 to the ip address.

Again, our apologies, this will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for your patience.

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