FemCal Version 1.9 Coming

By | September 30, 2011

Well, some great news to report. FemCal has been receiving a pretty serious update recently. Here are some of the upcoming features:

  • Support for Apple’s AirPrint. If you have an AirPrint system, supported by your iOS device, then FemCal will be able to print to it.
  • Retina graphics. These are already in FemCal Lite. They are now in FemCal too, including an updated main icon.
  • Improved localization. FemCal will use your localization settings correctly. This includes display of times, dates and numbers. If you write your basal body temperatures like 97,8 then this is now how it will appear in FemCal.
  • Improved cycles page. Your cycles are now all loaded at start-up and available in the cycles menu, and in the download page. You can instantly pick a cycle to chart, or to email, and the your current cycle is always highlighted on the screen in blue text.
  • Improved downloads page. The PDF download page has been improved, with thumbnails of your cycles and a new look.
  • Local backup and restore. You can now export all your information out of FemCal as a single data file, and reenter it at a later date if your iOS device gets reinstalled, or if you get a new device.
  • Gesture support. Swipe up and down on the calendar to move between months. Swipe left and right on the editing page to move between days. This is a great feature if you got behind and need to enter data for several consecutive days.
  • Improved charts. The PDF chart format has been tidied up a little with a lighter look, and better formatting for really long cycles.
  • Better performance. Most areas of FemCal have been improved in performance, whether moving from day to day, or entering your information. We’ve worked hard to give FemCal a more responsive feel.

This is quite a big update, in preparation for even more interesting changes. We hope this will bring some users back to using FemCal, and help more people adopt FemCal as their charting software of choice.

Thanks for using FemCal!

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