FemCal Lite and FemCal:Period and Ovulation Calendars Updated

By | June 27, 2010

We recently updated both apps for changes in Apple’s latest iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Aside from the changes needed due to Apple, we’ve also updated FemCal Lite to be able to display the last 90 days worth of data (instead of 60), and changed the charting section to be able to display any of the stored cycles in FemCal Lite. We hope this is useful for folks using FemCal Lite. Write and tell us if it is.

FemCal has been updated to run better on the new iOS 4 on iPhones and iPods, and on iOS 3.2 on the iPad. We are currently working on further updates for FemCal to upgrade the graphics for the fantastic new display on the iPhone 4. We are also working hard to improve how charts are displayed.

3 thoughts on “FemCal Lite and FemCal:Period and Ovulation Calendars Updated

  1. Meagan

    Love this app, I think it would help if you there was the ability to cover an outlying temperature. Sometimes you may have an occasional temperature that is artificially high due to reasons such as a fever, a restless night’s sleep, taking it later or earlier than usual, or alcohol consumption the night before. You could cover the outlying temperature with your “thumb” if manually charting on paper (known as the rule of thumb). It would be great if there was a little thumb icon to cover a temperature that is considered artificial due to any of the reasons mentioned above. This way it doesn’t interfere with your ability to interpret the chart or the software’s ability to interpret the chart (i.e. a false coverline due to the artificial temp recording). Essentially, it is a way to ignore the abnormal temperature but still record it.

  2. Jeanine

    I have been using this app for 2.5 years and have loved it until today. The app keeps crashing and I cant retrieve vital information that was stored on app. Trying to conceive for for the past two years and I need all the stored information for my fertility doctor. I have read other reviews online at the ITunes App Store and others are having similar problems. HELP!!!


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