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By | February 21, 2009

App Store approval seems to be a little on the slow side right now, and I’d like to get some feedback on my latest application FemCal Lite.

FemCal Lite Calendar Display

FemCal Lite Calendar Display

About FemCal Lite

FemCal Lite is the Lite version of FemCal, but still includes all the information that can be entered in FemCal, plus the ability to show a graphical report of your cycles.

The screenshot on the left is the main calendar display from FemCal Lite.

Infertile days are highlighted in red, whilst fertile days are highlighted in green.

The icons displayed on each day include period flow icons, medication, cervical fluid, symptoms and upcoming periods.

You can enter as much data into FemCal Lite as you like, but only the last 60 days is displayed in the calendar. I’d like people to try FemCal Lite and upgrade to FemCal if they like FemCal Lite.

FemCal Lite Screenshots

The following screenshots are taken from FemCal Lite.

Enter Basal Body Temperature

Built-in Help Text

Zoomed in on the Temperature Chart

Requesting an AdHoc Copy of FemCal Lite (Pending App Store Approval)

If you’d like to request a copy of FemCal Lite, please email me the UDID identifier of your iPhone. You can obtain this in iTunes by clicking the text ‘Serial’ until it turns into the word ‘Identifier’. Or you can use Erica Sadun’s utility (free) to email me the identifier. Search the App Store for ‘ad hoc helper udid’.

I’ll update this post when I stop sending out copies. It takes quite a bit of work to generate certificates and generate a working file, so please only ask if you feel that FemCal Lite is of interest.

If you’d like an Ad Hoc copy, send an email with the subject ‘FemCal Lite Ad Hoc Request’ to ‘femcallite@jonathanwatmough.com’, including your UDID. Please follow those instructions exactly. ;-)

Once FemCal Lite is available on the App Store, I’ll update this post.

FemCal Original Version

In the meantime, the version 1.0 of FemCal is available on the App Store.

Click here to visit the iTunes App Store.

3 thoughts on “FemCal Lite AdHoc Requests – iPhone Period and Ovulation Tracker

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  2. Kim

    I would love to use this on my macbook. I don’t have an iphone. Is it possible to get something like this that I can run on my macbook?

  3. Rebecca

    I’ve been using femcal lite for over a year. If I upgrade to FemCal how much data will be transferred? Just whatever shows in Lite, or is the older info stored and will transfer?


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