FemCal – iPhone Cycle Tracking Application Launched

By | January 20, 2009

FemCal on the iPhone

FemCal is an easy to use application for tracking and charting your monthly cycle.

FemCal provides an easy to use entry page for entering waking temperature, period, cervical fluid, symptoms, medications and more.

FemCal displays an easy to read chart of any stored cycle, which shows the entered information.

FemCal is available on the App store. Click to visit the iTunes Store.


Entering Information

The following daily items can be tracked by hitting edit for the current day, or by simply double-tapping the day in the calendar:

– Waking temperature from 97.0 – 99.0 oF
– Menses flow from spotting, light, medium heavy,
– Cervical fluid consistency,
– Cervical firmness
– Vaginal sensation,
– Intercourse,
– Ovulation test kit name and result,
– Pregnancy test kit name and result,
– Other procedure, such as BSE etc.,
– Up to three symptoms,
– Up to three medications, with an editable list of medications,
– A daily note, allowing you to store a comment or reminder,

The Calendar Display

The standard display of FemCal shows a calendar display that shows entered waking temperatures, and icons that represent the entered data. By touching a day, the data entered for that day is shown in a summary area below the calendar, that can be scrolled if necessary.

If configured through settings, FemCal can shade in red — reflecting possible lower likelihood of fertility — days that fit the following rules:

– During your period, if a temperature rise occurred 12 – 16 days prior to the current cycle,
– After your period, dry days prior to an increase in cervical fluid,
– 3+ days after a rise in temperature above coverline (estimated from six or more entered temperatures, post-menses)
– 4+ days after peak cervical fluid

These indicators are only as good as the entered data, and may be of interest if you are following a published book such as Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

The Report View

FemCal also contains a report view — see example in screenshots — that displays the start date of the selected cycle, and includes a graph of entered temperatures through the cycle, and the other entered information.

With sufficient entered temperatures, FemCal can estimate peak day, and plot coverline temperature, which may aid you in understanding of your cycle.

Important note: FemCal is intended only to be an aid in tracking your cycle, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.


Compatible with iPhone and iPhone Touch.

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  1. HB

    Does this app allow you to manually enter the start and end dates of your period?


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